Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Did you think when you prayed?

Another amazing week in the MTC. Every day we learn SO MUCH! I mean, now I can read in Korean (but I don't know what half of it means), I can sing, I can pray and I can teach. Who knew a little farm girl from Idaho could learn something as exotic and exciting as Korean, right?

There's a thing we do called SYL, or Speak Your Language. We're challenged to speak only our language all day as much as possible. It's fun to hear all the languages that people speak here! I've also gotten a whole lot better at charades!

One thing that we always talk about -- and our teacher, Sis. Clabby reminds us to look out for -- are the "tender mercies of the Lord." Sometimes it's getting a prayer answered or doing service for your companion or someone. There are so many little ways that the Lord loves us.

Last Friday, I was feeling a little tired and sad. I had a hard time during teaching and I felt discouraged. When we got back to our room for the night, I found that Sis. Miller left me a little piece of candy and a note that said I was an awesome companion. That was SO sweet!

There's so much to tell and so little time! I'll send along a little culture thing that we learned this week, too. The Savior lives and loves you!

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