Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Worries, substitutes and the miracles of kimchee

So our teacher, Elder Stice, was gone this week, so we had a substitute: Kim Jae Tek Chango-nim (or, Elder Kim for you non-Korean speakers). He is from Seoul and served in my mission! He told us some stories of what mission life is really like there. We should expect a lot of our companions to be Koreans – which is kind of exciting and kind of scary at the same time!

After we bugged him about it all week, he brought in some genuine homemade kimchee!!!

You know that stuff I had in the restaurant?

That was nothing! This stuff was H. O. T. spicy!!!!

In Korean they have two words for hot. There’s the word for really, really warm: topda. And then there’s the word for hot and spicy: mepda. This stuff was mepda beyond belief! Sis. Miller had a bit of a head cold with a stuffy nose before we tried the kimchee… it was all gone the next day!

I also noticed today while I was doing my laundry that the clothes I wore that day? They still smelled like kimchee!

Flight plans are coming soon! I’ll let you know the details!!

Lovin’ it!!!!!!

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