Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't build on the sand

Everything at the MTC is the best. Seriously. Except maybe the food…but our teachers say to enjoy it while we can (after which they start giggling like Beehives!).

Beach volleyball. It’s the best. One of the elders thought he was Joe Jock and was teasing the sisters about being baptized in weak sauce. He thought that instead of playing volleyball, the sisters should be building sandcastles or making mud pies. HA!!!!

Maybe I didn’t approach it with the right spirit, but certain members of our district had a lesson in humility that day.

Sundays are the best, too. We have awesome meetings, and we have time to think and ponder and stuff. And then the firesides are ALSO the best. There are so many general authorities in and out of here it’s hard to keep track, especially when all the mission presidents were here! And, oh, yeah. The temple. Is. The. Best. Ever – or should I say FOREVER?!

Sis. Miller and I did our teaching with our pretend investigator. The investigator said our language was really bad, so he asked if we could just speak in English. I was MORTIFIED! Afterward he said that our language was pretty good, but that kind of thing happens with real Koreans in Korea. So many of them learn English and want to practice it that they want to speak English with the missionaries all the time.

Just a few more weeks here, and then it’s off to the Land of the Morning Calm. I can’t wait!!!!!

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