Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We don’t normally hear fireworks in the halls of the MTC. But when you’re just a few blocks from the Stadium of Fire at BYU, we could certainly hear them! We could see just a few of them over the buildings. It was kind of exciting…but then it made me think that I won’t be seeing Fourth of July fireworks again for nearly two years!

It’s been a pretty amazing week. I got to give a talk in church. They tell us to always be ready because you never know when they’re going to call on you. Well, I was ready, and I did. It was just a short talk on Joseph Smith and the restoration. And did I mention that it was all in Korean? At least it was supposed to be! They told me I did a good job.

We had an awesome time teaching our pretend investigators. It’s kind of fun to feel more and more confident in the language. But I’m sure that will change soon!

Oh! Remember what I said about Korean being so easy that you could learn to read it in just a few minutes? Well, guess what? They also use Chinese characters sometimes! Just when I thought a mission would be easy! : )

BTW, I had an interesting experience doing laundry today...

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