Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh. My. Gosh!

So you know what I TOTALLY forgot about!?

I have to give a TALK before I leave for the MTC! I mean, I knew that, but I don't know that, you know? But I guess the Bishop knew because he reminded me. I'm supposed to talk about getting ready to serve a mission. So now I have to worry about writing a talk AND what to wear when I give it. Plus they need a picture and a scripture for my missionary plaque!

My family will be coming down, and when that happens it will be like the last days! The last days before my mission, anyway...

That kind of makes everything a bit more real. I guess on top of everything else, I need to start worrying about the family coming, too -- especially my siblings!

Well, at least things will get a little easier once I get into the mission field, right?

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