Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making room for me!

I read this in the Deseret News today. I hope that means that they're making room for me so I have a place to stay! Wouldn't that be SO WEIRD if my MTC was right next to my school apartment?!

PROVO — On Tuesday, the LDS Church transferred 110 missionaries from its Missionary Training Center in Provo to converted student apartments a mile away, where they were joined Wednesday by the first 40 missionaries to report directly from home to the temporary facilities.
The temporary extension site is necessary to relieve pressure on the MTC as unprecedented numbers of young members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints enter the mission field. By fall, the church expects the number of missionaries serving worldwide will have jumped 47 percent in one year.
In recent years, the number of missionaries has been increasing about 6 percent annually.
"We estimate more than 85,000 full-time missionaries serving by Fall 2013," church spokeswoman Ruth Todd told the Deseret News on Wednesday.
The church had 58,000 missionaries last October, when church President Thomas S. Monson's announced the minimum age for full-time missionary service would be 18 for LDS young men and 19 for women.
The most missionaries the church has had at the end of any year, which is the number it reports annually, was 61,638 at the end of 2002. That record was surpassed sometime early this year.
On Wednesday, Todd said the church now has 68,700 full-time missionaries. More than 22,500 additional men and women have received their mission calls but are not yet in the MTC. Another 6,200 have begun the process to obtain mission calls.
The 110 transferred Tuesday from the original MTC to the temporary facilities moved into BYU's Wyview Park apartment complex, replacing the college students who lived there just a month ago.

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