Friday, May 17, 2013

Sad news!

I'm so sad to hear that Sis. Monson died! You know how they say that man should not be alone? I think that goes double for the prophet!

Here's what it says on the Church website:
Sister Frances Beverly Johnson Monson, 85, wife of President Thomas S. Monson for more than 64 years, died early Friday morning, May 17, in a Salt Lake City hospital surrounded by family. She died of causes incident to age.
Sister Monson was often described as “quiet and unassuming.”
President Monson has said that his wife always supported him in his Church assignments.
“Never once has she complained,” he said. “Never once. Not in our entire married life has she done anything to keep me from any aspect of my service. I have never received anything but support and encouragement from Frances.”

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