Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ohhhhh, yeahhhh!

We're having GREAT success with Sis. Yi, the hanbok lady (can they put that on her Church records?). The spirit is always so strong when we teach her, and now she wants to share it with her family! It's so awesome that Sis. Choi and her family let us teach in their home. It really helps in so, so many ways.

I heard from Sis. Kimmie in Ukraine (she lives in one of the links on the side of the blog here). Here's what her mission president said about what's going on there:
“I have contacted our mission leaders within the last hour, and they in turn have contacted each of the missionaries. All of our missionaries are well. Again, there is no cause for alarm, but conditions merit an extra measure of caution. I will continue to keep you advised. We are grateful for the expertise of the Church Security Department, which has a wealth of experience in preserving the health and safety of missionaries worldwide in a variety of circumstances over many years.”
Glad that things are OK! Keep her in your prayers! 

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