Saturday, February 1, 2014


Best. Day. EVER! How many times have I/will I say that on my mission? First, dinner was GREAT. The food looked a little funny, but then I decided if they can eat it, I can eat it! Some of it was, um, different... but it was yummy! And afterward, they brought out a HUGE delicious asian pear for both me and Sis. Clabby!

Afterward we went to the park and hung out, talking to all kinds of people. There must be a billion pictures of me in my hanbok on Instagram by now! So many people wanted a picture of the American wearing Korean clothes! We talked to so many people and it was so much fun! They didn't even seem to mind that we were missionaries!

A couple of little kids in their little kid hanboks came and bowed to us. We didn't have any money or goodies to give them, so Sis. Clabby gave them each a Joseph Smith pamphlet!

I hope our contacting did some good! We met a lot of people!

Love the work! Love the gospel!

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