Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Where the streets have no name

You know how in Utah and Idaho addresses use grid coordinates? Kinda like playing Battleship or plotting slopes in algebra? Not so in Korea! They use a system where the house numbers are supposed to odd on one side of the street and even on the other — the new system. Sometimes. Except when they use the old system. And if there are multiple families in one place, each one has its own different number, which could be even or odd!

A lot of the houses have nameplates outside the front door, and they're usually in Chinese characters. Sometimes when we're tracting, we'll play a game where we'll knock on a door if we recognize the family name. But I find that I feel guilty afterward because someone may have missed out on a chance to hear the gospel because some missionary didn't study his hanja!

So, we have the address. We're looking for it. I think we're getting close!

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