Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh, Kermie!

Poor Sis. Green!

I don't know if it was something she ate or what, but she's been feeling AWFUL! We were able to find a place for her...to, um, go...so I just kind of had to stay there and wait. For a very long time.

It wasn't as exciting as you may think! t tried talking to some people, but let's face it — people think you're weird if you try to make conversation with people when you're hanging out next to a public bathroom!

For some reason, I started to think about the Muppets: Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal...and Kermit. And Kermit's favorite song, "Feeling Green." What!? I couldn't help it — I had to wait a long time!

I hope she gets feeling better soon!


  1. I am totally enjoying the adventures of Sister Green...although I really hope my own personal Sister Green doesn't have to deal with something like this!