Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving treats!

I am THRILLED that we've been invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with a member who lives on base! It may not be Grandma's home cooking, but I'm looking forward to potatoes, turkey and pumpkin pie!

Sis. Bae is less excited. She thinks a lot of American food is gross, like pumpkin pie. It has a weird texture -- and don't even get her started on rice pudding: it's blasphemy!

I promised I'd treat her to a treat they sell on the streets on our way back home: boendegi. It's steamed silkworm pupae. Other missionaries have told me they taste like dirt, but Sis. Bae likes them. They're healthy, she says! Eww! I says!

I'm grateful to have an awesome and patient companion! The Church is true! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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