Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In which I fall in love

I am in love.

I’ve just had some of the best fruit I’ve ever had in my entire life! Daegu apples are incredible – even as good as Washington apples. But the best fruit EVER is the Korean pear apple (or beh, as we call it). It’s like a pear, but it’s better than a pear – not as grainy and soft; it’s like an apple, but sweeter.

They have some in the United States, those little yellow fruits wrapped up in those Styrofoam fishnet things. But they’re little and scrawny and tasteless compared to what they have here.


So what happens is when you go to visit people in their homes, they bring you a little snack or a drink to refresh you, a daejup they call it. Sometimes it’s a drink, sometimes it’s a snack. In fact, sometimes they bring out coffee, because all Americans like coffee, right? So we have to say no thanks, we don’t drink coffee. So they go back and bring out black tea… and we have to say no thanks, we don’t drink black tea. Then they go back and bring out a Coca-Cola. It’s kind of funny.

So we were visiting an inactive member, and she brought out a plateful of these sliced behs.  I think I embarrassed my companion; I just started chowing down on them, licking my lips and saying how delicious they were! I know that’s not what I’m supposed to do, but I couldn’t help myself. They were SO GOOD! I’m going to have to send some seeds home and grow my own beh tree when I get back!

They taste amazing!

Anyway, we’ve had a good week, and we’re going to be starting an English class. That means that I’ll be doing a lot of the English teaching, so that should be interesting.

We’re working hard, having fun and the Church is true!

I love behs!

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