Saturday, February 7, 2015

Check up, check out

I still say flossing is not a requirement for a temple recommend!


  1. I enjoyed Pusan in 72. (71-73). Loved the Korean people. Really enjoyed a Christian retreat in Seoul. Walks through the yamas and other parts of the countryside. Little did I know just a few years later I would become a member (2-14-79) in Wyoming. Be sealed in Ogden, Utah on 2-14-80. Love missionaries only a little less than those people who, instead of teaching you the gospel, have you over to dinner with the missionaries there.

  2. I enjoyed South Korea. (71-73). Visited Pusan in 72. One of my college teachers was a North Korean (refugee before war) who was then Dean of Men of Seoul University. Loved the Korean people. I was an infantryman, an 11H40 from the 1st of the 38th. Enjoyed a christian retreat in Seoul in 72. Little did I realize back then that My favorite lady and I would become members in Wyoming 2/14/79. A year later we were sealed in Ogden, Utah on 2/14/80. As much as I love the missionaries, I love even more the people who want to teach you the Gospel but instead have you over to dinner with the missionaries.