Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Teaching and questions

So I've told you now about our new investigator. We thought it was a little strange when he came out of nowhere and started asking questions about the Church. That just NEVER happens, unless someone wants to practice their English skills.

Wait. There's more to come about this particular investigator.

On a completely different note, we made it through transfers once again! I have at least another six weeks with Sis. Green!

Our new mission president wants us to keep in shape and "lengthen our stride," so at the transfers we all meet at the mission home and run. It's kind of cool, but I'm glad it's only every six weeks!

We're kind of in the middle-ish back. Ish.


  1. I suspect this is all going to end in a big, international crisis or something.

  2. Oh, I hope not! Do you know something I don't know?!