Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Ensign to the world!

Have you seen the new Ensign/Liahona for September? One of the feature stories is about the growth of the Church in Korea! It started back in Korean War times.

The president sent Kim Ho Jik to the USA to learn how to improve nutrition in the Korean diet. Bro. Kim met some members of the Church, and he got baptized. He came back and started teaching Sunday school in a military camp in Busan, and it grew from there. Missionaries started coming in 1955, and then in 1973, Pres. Kimball organized the first stake.

Now we have a temple, a bunch of stakes, four missions, TON of missionaries and more than 86,000 of some of the best members of the Church in the world!

Some of the early pioneers of the Church in Korea have been mission presidents in my mission: Han In Sang and Rhee Ho Nam. Pretty amazing!

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